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Mai Linh Expres Open Bus

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Transport Joint Stock Company Mai Linh Express - Mai Linh Express are members of the Mai Linh Corporation, the company currently has over 500 vehicles operating on 49 routes linking over 27 Vietnamese provinces and cities nationwide Nam.Voi motto "vehicle departure time - do not smoke - not welcome on the road", along with room service professional, caring, thoughtful and honest, so far Mai Linh Express brand has become familiar with customers. you can directly to the ticket office to get tickets or service requests transport tickets to the home of Mai Linh Express. 

PBX bookings: 08:39 29 29 29. 

Customer Care Unit: 08:38 35 79 79. Hotline: 0985 29 29 29*

Address box office: 

1. No. 400A Le Hong Phong, P. 1, District 10, Dist. Ho Chi Minh City 

2. No. 293 Tran Phu Street, Ward 8, District 5, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City 

·        Route Saigon - Can Tho 15 seats and 45 seats car run car weaving together 15 minutes of landing a shipment date, 24/24.

·        Route Sai Gon - Ca Mau Car 15 seats and 45 seats. From Ca Mau go at 6:15-8h-7h-9h-10h-11h-16h-12h30-13h30-18h30-20h30-21h 20h-22h-22h30-21h30-. 45 seats run into hours: 8h-10h-21h-22h, a bus stop to pick Lieu guests. 

·        Route Saigon - Long Xuyen Car 15 seats in Long Xuyen depart 30 minutes per trip daily, private vehicle 45 place starting at 0h-2h-11h-14h.Tai Saigon 60-minute intervals throughout the day, 45 seats riengxe departs at 9.30am-12.30am. 

·        Route Saigon - Chau Doc Saigon comes in at 0h to 23h (60 minutes a trip), Bus 45 seats starting at 8 and 23 o'clock. 

·        Route Saigon - Soc vehicle use only 15 seats. Now comes: In Soc Trang morning from 5:30 to 11:30 every hour, a trip, afternoon 13h30, 15h30. 17h30-22h30-evening 23h30.Tai Saigon bus departs from the west at 7h30-6h30-8h30-9h30-10h30-13h30-15h30-17h30-22h30. 

·        Route Saigon - Bac Lieu Car 15 seats. Depart at 6-Lieu 7h-8h-9h-10h-15h-16h-21h-22h-23h-22h30-23h30. In addition, 45 seats car from Ca Mau to a bus stop Lieu, bancung able to book this car. 

·        Route Saigon - Rach Gia Saigon Departure from 0h to 23h30, 60-minute intervals. 45 seats at 11 o'clock and 23 o'clock departure. 

·        Route Saigon - Ben Tre (Passengers can go Tien Giang - My Tho through line above) in Ben Tre Starting at 4-6h-7h30-9h-12h-15h. Route Ha Tien - Rach Gia to Ha Tien Depart from 4:15 to 20h15 daily, 30 minutes per trip. 

·        Route Tho - Rach Gia Tho Depart from 3h to 19h, 60-minute intervals. 

·        Route Tho - Long Xuyen Long Xuyen Depart from 5:30 to 19:30 every hour intervals. In Can Tho depart at 7h30-5h30-10h30-11h30-15h30-16h30. 

·        Route Can Tho - Ca Mau Mau in Terminal every hour from 5h to 18h intervals. In Can Tho departure from 5h to 18h, 60-minute intervals. 

·        Route Tho - Soc Trang Soc Depart at 7 - 8 - 11h - 13h - 15h - 17h. In Can Tho departure at 5-9h-13h.

·        Route Tho - Bac Lieu Bac Lieu Export dock at 6 pm to 18h20 for an hour a visit. In Can Tho: 5:30 to 18:30, 60-minute intervals. 

·        Route Can Tho - Chau Doc Tho Depart at 5-6h-8h-9h-10h-11h-13h-14h-16h-17h-18h-19h. 

·        Road bus transit: Mai Linh guests free transit from Le Hong Phong station to bus station and opposite the West by bus No. 98. Total travel:

·        Route Saigon - Phnom Penh - Siemreap Saigon - Phnom Penh: 6h30-8h30-13h-14h30. Phnom Penh - Saigon: 13h-7h-8h30-14h30. Phnom Penh - Siemreap: 7h-14h. 

·        Route Saigon - Phan Thiet Depart bus station at 6am-7am Eastern-7h30-8h-9h-10h-11h-12h-13h-14h-15h-13h30-16h-17h-17h30-18h30-19h-20h. Start at Phan Thiet bus: 2h-3h-5h-6h-7h-8h-8h30-9h-10h-11h-12h-12h30 14h-15h-13h-16h-17h-18h-. 

·        The service has 15 seats and two vehicles 45 seats. When booking you should check with the car now runs to 45 seats more comfortable.